Turbine Issues

Let's face a few aspects that may arise:

Turbine Abrasion

Nearly all propulsion water contains sediment. But most hydro facilities do not face noteworthy abrasion because sediment content is low. Increasing the sediment ration for some percent will not change that. Sediment particle size can be limited to a chosen limit to prevent too large particles enter your turbine. When facing heavily sediment affected waters abrasion rates may increase when applying our technology. Even then abrasion effects are inexpensive compared to conventional sediment removal cost. Anyway, application of a proper coating gives good protection to blade surface. We also provide consulting on this issue.

Turbine Main Sealing

Again, nearly all propulsion water contains sediment. Shaft sealing is very sensitive concerning particles such as sediment. To keep the main shaft sealing clear of sediment, most turbines are equipped with a clear water injection just before the shaft sealing. This keeps the sealing free of particles. This makes wear on the sealing material low and independent from sediment ration. At turbines where a clear water rinsing is not implemented yet it can be easily installed in most cases.

Intake Gates

You need not to fear a blocking of your trash rack by sediment since we recommend the drop zone to be placed behind the rack.


In the case of pumped storage facilities, the sediment already passed the outlet once before in the opposite direction.

Anyway you should consider:

You should take special care of Pelton runners as these are especially sensitive to high velocity particle abrasion. Same is valid for Francis runners with a head of significantly more than 200 m/600 ft.