System Sensitive Solutions

The New European Technology of DB Sediments® faces the Challenge of Global Hydro Installations:

  • Specially equipped hydraulic tools dredge the compacted sediment, pump it through a piping system and deposit it at the water intake of the hydro facility without blocking your trash rack.
  • The deposited sediment is then again eroded and passed through the inlet of a hydro power station or the outlet of the dam. This will be done with no harm to the water turbine and sensitive to the environmental needs of the river.
  • In the case of pumped storage facilities, the sediment already passed the outlet once before in the opposite direction.

To have an ideal effect, the dredging process should be in line with the water intake operation. Platform and cutting tool operation is automated and programmed on a regular/irregular pattern. You are free to maintain the actual sediment level or reduce it to the original “clean” reservoir shape over time.


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Cost effective

As an operator of a reservoir you can avoid significant plant outages. With the application of DB Sediments® Technology, you do not need to empty the reservoir. You do not have to cope with generation losses. You won’t have to worry about dumping costs. You do not waste any valuable water. DB Sediments® Technology helps you to prevent further erosion due to missing sediment content. As an administrator of a river authority, you do not have to take measures to add missing sediment, as it is practiced to a large extent in rivers such as the Rhine in Germany.

Each reservoir has its specific properties. We offer customized equipment and operation for power plants of any size, ranging from Kilo- to Gigawatts and for reservoirs covering thousand m³ to several km³. Our patented and economically competitive equipment differs from conventional wet dredging/cutting tools in several ways. Depending on the chosen equipment and specific needs, it is customized for manual and/or automated long-term operation.