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Every single hydro installation faces sediment aspects. Many suffer from severe sediment problems. Even those still working could often improve their performance significantly by minimizing sediment volume and maximizing storage capacity.

It's so easy and cost effective to get rid of your sediment problems or to prevent any. You are restoring ecology as it should be. Yet many operators and agencies have not acted yet. Sedimentation is a sneaking problem. Give yourself a move before it is “suddenly” too late.

Your benefits in comparison with dredging, hydro-suction oder flushing when working with us:

  • Least overall and specific cost process with maximum business & generation profit
  • Innovative solutions also for contaminated sediment
  • Sustainable solution preventing your reservoir from new sedimentation
  • No plant shutdown and no or limited water loss for sediment transfer
  • Finance option keeps you clear from hight initial investment
  • standardized licensing process applicable for most countries including EU and U.S.

Contact us or a local partner. We offer consulting, equipment and service, on a scientifically proven basis. We are keen to solve your sediment topics - permanently.

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German Enterprise Award 2017 - Sedimentation Solutions Provider of the Year 2017 - Germany

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DB Sediments released Video about ConSedTrans, a sustainable and ecologically friendly solution, preventing siltation of impounded rivers.


DB Sediments launched her new branch DB Marina. We are the German provider of Pontoons and Docks elements as well as JetSkiDocks for Sale and Rental.