Full Service

DB Sediments® offers real full service in your desired scope:

Initial Consulting

Many operators have a range of questions in the beginning. We are keen to answer them and to assist you.

Sampling and Sediment Analysis

It is often recommended to analyze the characteristics of your sediment including a chemical analysis.

We are the only one: Besides standard procedures we are probably the only company providing undisturbed sampling of soft sediment up to depths of several meters, even with several meters of water coverage. By applying this method, we are able to differ between harmful and harmless sediment layers, reducing the cost of sediment solutions significantly. Of course particle distribution and chemical analysis are also part of our portfolio.

Sediment Survey

Sediment volume, coverage and other characteristics are important parameters especially to prepare larger applications. DB Sediments provides everything that is required for sediment mapping & survey.

Ecological and Morphological Guidance

We are able to analyze and monitor ecological and morphological impact on reservoir, river and ecology. Our technology leads to an usually considerable improvement of the overall ecological situation. In addition it is very fish friendly.


We provide a wide range of equipment - standard or customized - for sale or rent.


We provide all necessary installation works. Depending on site location and condition local partners are welcome to assist.


We operate all systems with own or local personnel. In case you want to do it yourself we offer guidance and training for your own staff.


Of course we provide maintenance work on the equipment, regardless on what business model you operate.

Anything else? Please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Special off-road vehicle for On-Site commissioning