Relying on own and independent experts we offer the full range of consulting service in all aspects of sedimentology.

In the near future we plan to have our own 40.000 mĀ² full scale research & test center operational.

Risk Analysis of Existing and Projected Dams

Assesment of the initial, original storage volume

  • by processing of the original layout of the reservoir

Determination of existing, operational volume

  • lost, silted or sedimented volume of the reservoir
  • siltation and sedimentaton rate
  • estimation of the probable dam life

Advanced risk analysis

  • possible consequences, like the blockage of the bottom outlet of the dam by sliding sediments
  • risk of flooding caused by reduction of the retention volume of the reservoir


Scientifically Approved

DB SedimentsĀ® maintains scientific cooperation with Universities (such as University of Technology Aachen), other research facilities and federal agencies. Our main focus is to further evaluate ecological effects, analyze morphological benefits and to optimize transport rates.